Five Great Coffee Shops in Hai Phong, Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its rich, flavoursome coffee and array of charming cafes that line almost every street. Whether you’re navigating the narrow streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter or wandering through some of Vietnam’s less touristy cities, such as Hai Phong, cute coffee shops aren’t hard to come by.

It’s fair to say that Hai Phong isn’t a tourist favourite (with the beaches of Cát Bà Island just a boat trip away, many tourists only pass through HP on their way to the port) – nevertheless, there are plenty of great reasons to stop by, explore, and grab a cup of coffee. With this in mind, I’ve listed five great coffee shops to visit in Hai Phong, Vietnam!

Secret Garden Cafe

It might be cliche to call the Secret Garden Cafe an oasis of serenity, but it’s a pretty fitting description; turn down what feels like a secret alleyway and escape the beeping of motorbikes in this idyllic, inner-city spot.

As the name suggests, this cafe is pretty much all outdoors. On a sunny day, there’s really nothing better than enjoying the shade of the myriad plants, flowers and trees that shroud the garden. However, if the sky’s a little grey, there’s also a small, indoor section with cosy floor cushions and large glass windows.

The Secret Garden Cafe serves the best coconut coffees in Hai Phong (in my opinion!) and also has a selection of cakes and desserts to choose from. Whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying quiet time, this is the ideal place to go.

Address: ngõ 231 Văn Cao, Đằng Lâm, Hải An, Hải Phòng

Ideal for: Reading a book, lesson planning, going on a first date!

This cafe is pretty well-hidden, but once you’ve found it, you won’t want to go anywhere else!


I have really fond memories of cycling from my hotel to No.1986 and sitting on the top floor of the building, right underneath the sun. The cafe’s glass ceiling lets the sunlight just pour in – and there’s even a little terrace for enjoying a bit of fresh air.

From the outside, No.1986 is truly impressive; it almost looks like an ultra-modern church with an industrial-looking glass and brick exterior. Inside, the cafe is just as beautiful, with an abundance of leafy green plants and a polished wooden interior. There’s an eclectic mix of seating options, too, giving you the choice between cosy, hidden nooks and central tables.

If you want the feeling of being in a posh cafe without the pricetag, No.1986 is your guy. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms, too – they’re gorgeous!

Address: 33 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hồng Bàng, Hải Phòng

Ideal for: Grabbing a coffee with friends, co-working or getting a great Instagram shot!

Memory Coffee Studio

This is one of those cute spots that you stumble upon when you least expect it – when you’re wandering around, not quite sure where you’re heading but enjoying the walk, that’s when you’ll find yourself at Memory Coffee Studio.

There’s a small lake near Hai Phong’s Cầu Rào bus station, called Hồ Cây Na lake, and this quirky cafe is tucked away behind it. In fact, one of the best seats in the house is a swing overlooking the lake, where you can enjoy a coconut coffee or one of the fruity mocktails on their menu.

As you may have guessed from its name, the cafe is almost like an art studio. While you wait for your order, take a look around – look out for canvases on easels, beautiful hanging lanterns and other interesting finds.

Address: 81 Ngõ 384 Lạch Tray, Kênh Dương, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng 180000

Ideal for: Meditating, lesson planning or stopping by for a drink after a lakeside walk.

Green tea and a coconut coffee – the best duo!

Cafe HTX Tân Hiệp

Like many of the best cafes in Hai Phong, Cafe HTX Tân Hiệp is a bit of a hidden gem. I mean this in two ways: firstly, it’s quite difficult to find (unless you know where you’re going, you’d never stumble upon it!) and secondly, it took me a long time (and lots of Google map scrolling) to actually find the cafe’s name. Whenever I asked my fellow TEFL teachers if they’d been or heard of it, nobody had. It’s only because my language tutor took a group of us one time that we ever found it.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful spot. If you’re in Hai Phong, I’d highly recommend popping by for an iced coffee. There’s an absolutely gorgeous courtyard to sit in, full of succulents in terrariums and hanging plants – aka a millennial’s dream – plus other little mysteries to be found in each of the cafe’s quirky rooms.

Address: 49 P. Nguyễn Đức Cảnh, An Biên, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng

Ideal for: Catching up with friends, reading a book or taking a business meeting (it doesn’t look like Cafe HTX Tân Hiệp would be your first choice for a business chat, but it seemed to be a popular spot…)

Just look at these plants! This is exactly how I want my future garden to look…

Push Co-Working

Like Memory Coffee Studio, you’ll find Push Co-Working overlooking Hai Phong’s Hồ Cây Na lake. I won’t lie to you – there are prettier lakes in Vietnam! Nevertheless, enjoying a coffee next to Hồ Cây Na on a sunny day is a great way to decompress. It’s much quieter here than other local coffee shops and is an ideal spot for getting work done.

It’s quite cheesy and corporate-looking inside, as most co-working spots are, but outside there are lots of charming tables to sit at. The outdoor area is also decorated with hanging plants and a large living wall, with a front seat view of the lake. Stop by for a juice, smoothie or coffee while you get work done!

Address: 47 Ngõ 384 Lạch Tray, Đằng Giang, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng

Ideal for: Co-working (duh), writing lesson plans, or reading a book.

Remembering these spots really put a smile on my face, and I hope visiting them brings the same joy to you 🙂

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