Taking The Ham Out Of Hamburg: Where To Find The Best Vegan Food In The City

My sister and her husband recently decided to up sticks and move to Hamburg for a couple of months, so naturally my brother and I booked a flight to visit her as soon as we possibly could. I love Germany, and after hearing that Happy Cow rated Berlin the second best vegan city in the world, I was extremely excited to see what food Hamburg had to offer. My sister had already assured us that she’d planned our holiday itinerary around as many eateries as possible, so we knew we’d be shown a selection of the best places around.

As a dedicated foodie and a passionate vegan, I can safely say that Hamburg delivered. Here are just a few of the spots we tried and tested during our four-day stay:

Vincent Vegan

When my sister described Vincent Vegan as the “vegan McDonald’s”, I knew I’d love it right away. After all, there’s nothing better than a greasy burger and fries after an early morning flight! Following a quick look at the menu, I opted for curry wurst with a side of sweet potato fries and a rosemary lemonade. I’d never tried curry wurst before so I couldn’t give an honest comparison, but from my first taste I can definitely say I’m a fan! 10/10 for my first meal in Hamburg.

My favourite bit: Instead of calling out a number when it was time to collect my food, the server called out my favourite animal (a dolphin) which she’d asked for when taking my order. Very cute!

Curry wurst and rosemary fries, courtesy of Vincent Vegan

Bidges & Sons

The Reeperbahn, otherwise known as Hamburg’s “mile of sin”, is a street packed full of clubs and sex shops. I’ve heard it’s fantastic for a night out, but as it was a family trip we decided to give it a miss. We did, however, stop for a couple of cocktails in Bidges & Sons  – a 100% vegan bar, eatery and clothes shop. It can be difficult to find vegan alcohol sometimes (you’d be surprised) so we definitely took advantage of the options available here! The cocktails were great and the bar itself was an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the Reeperbahn – ideal for a quiet drink and catch up with friends.

My favourite bit: The Drunken Apple Pie cocktail was truly delicious – a must try.

Loving Hut

When I was living in Vietnam, grabbing a takeaway from the Loving Hut was my guilty pleasure. It was also the only place in Hai Phong I could be sure I was eating certified vegan food, so I ate there once a week – at least – during the five months I lived in the city. I have such fond memories of Loving Hut, which is why I was so excited when my sister told me there were a couple of branches near her apartment in Hamburg. Of course, we had to go.

I ordered a big bowl of tofu phở (which even came with extra chilli and coriander, just like in Vietnam) and a side of summer spring rolls (vegetables wrapped in fresh rice paper). Everything was absolutely delicious, but I couldn’t help being jealous of my boyfriend’s plate of seitan bún chả. The seitan tasted pretty similar to pork – from what I can remember – making it a great choice of restaurant for the non-veggies in my family!

My favourite bit: The summer spring rolls were fantastic –  a delicious alternative to deep-friend spring rolls. 

The best tofu phở in Hamburg!


It’s safe to say I’ve never been anywhere quite like Mamalicious. For the veggies and vegans who miss pancakes, French toast, bacon, cream and eggs, this is the place for you. My siblings and I loved it here so much that we came back a day later and ordered just as much as before – a sign of a great restaurant! If you stop by for breakfast, make sure to check out the vegan pancakes. Fluffy, thick and not noticeably egg-free, these are the best vegan pancakes I’ve ever had. I ordered mine with chocolate chips, maple syrup and a side of meat-free bacon, all washed down with a dairy-free pumpkin spice latte. Who said vegans had to be healthy?

My favourite bit: My sister ordered the vegan mac n cheese which I’d happily fly back to Hamburg for. It was that good. 

A pancake stack with chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a side of facon – my best meal in Hamburg!

Apple & Eve

When you don’t eat meat, it can often mean that you don’t get a chance to try the most popular dishes of the country you’re visiting. If they happen to be veggie, great! However, the vast majority of them certainly aren’t vegan. That’s why I was so excited to be taken to Apple & Eve to try Germany’s take on schnitzel, a (typically) meat cutlet that’s bread crumbed and cooked til golden brown. I opted for the Hawaiian Schnitzel (served with pineapple and cheese) with a side of wedges and an Astra beer. Everything was great, but this definitely isn’t the place to try if you’re looking for a light, healthy lunch.

My favourite bit: I didn’t get a chance to try these out for myself, but my sister said that the pesto potatoes were her favourite choice of side! 

Not only did each of these places offer fantastic food at very reasonable prices, but they also welcomed in my sister’s rough collie, too. Bonus!

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